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Spring -haha - hike up Haystack Mtn


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It was a nice sunny, yet cool, morning.  It was around 12 degrees.  Normally I'd just go straight to work, but today I decided to go for a hike before going to work.  Technically this made me late for work, but better late than never.  LOL

Haystack is not a very big mountain but it is steep, especially if you go up the face of it.  I did not need snowshoes, but I did use micro spikes.  I probably could've gone up the trail without micro spikes, but I wouldn't have been able to go up the face of the mountain without them, as it was too steep.  I like going up the face of Haystack as I have to use my hands, and there are not many mountains in this area that require that.

It took me 16 min. to get to the top.  It was cool, with only a slight breeze, with a cold gust from time to time.

The clear blue sky made for an excellent view of Katahdin, 62 miles to the south-southwest.  On clear days I can actually see Katahdin on my drive to work. :)

I hung out at the summit for about 25 min.  The hike down only took 7 min.  I went down the trail instead of going back down over the face of the mountain.

Total time was 48 min.

The elevation of Haystack is around 1,340 ft.

The hike up isn't very long, maybe about 0.3 miles.  The elevation gain is around 340 ft, but you gain it quickly.

About 430 or so million years ago, Haystack was a volcano!!  It is estimated it may have been an active volcano for around 50,000 years.  This info is in the pictures.

There is still plenty of snow.  At least 3 feet in the woods if not more.

On another note, my 2 level snow condo with balcony and rooftop terrace is still standing.  LOL  About 2 weeks ago I did some work on it to help extend the life of it.  If you go to my profile and trip reports I have pics of my snow condo there.

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zak Posted Mar 26, 2019 at 8:28 PM

Thanks, Billy....beautiful views!! Never saw Katahdin in the winter...soo white! You are definitely an inspiration :-)

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