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Afternoon drive in Aroostook County


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One of the many things I do is go for rides.  Sometimes I'll go for long rides on woods roads, and sometimes I'll go on shorter rides.  Although no exercise was involved, it did get me out of the house.

This afternoon I decided to go for a short ride.  I did go 100 miles, but that is actually short compared to some rides I go on.  Sometimes I'll go 200+ miles, with 100+ on woods roads.  Some of my long rides can be 8-10 hours.  Today was short, just over 3 hours.

Only a short part of this ride was on woods roads, as most of the roads I wanted to go on were not plowed.  But, I did spend time driving on back roads and camp roads.  Two places I went were Little Madawaska Lake and Madawaska Lake.   That involved driving on camp roads. 

People might wonder what the difference is between a woods road and a back road?  These are just my personal definitions:  -- A woods road or logging road is a private road that is built for logging related activity.  -- I consider a back road a public road, paved or unpaved, that normally has a few houses on it, and off the beaten path.

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