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Another day close to home.  I decided to break out my local snowshoe trail again. 

Not sure if this would be fun for some people, but it is for me.  But, I could find something fun to do at the dump... umm, I mean the "landfill"....  LOL  I could have a blast at the tire pile.  And, when they burn the debris pile, I could bring marshmallows and hotdogs.  LOL

This time, the snowshoe hike was harder, as the snow is deeper than the trip before. 

In a few spots I could walk on top of the snow, but for the most part I sunk in. 

The last time I was out on my trail there were all kinds of animal tracks, but this time hardly anything.  They must all be hunkered down somewhere.

I was out for 2 hours working on this.  Made 3 passes.  I had to come back to the house to get my bandana as the sweat from my forehead was killing my eyes.  I need to keep the bandana with me on all hikes, year round, I guess.

At the start, the temp. was in the low single digits, but warmed to the low double digits.  Very little wind, just a slight breeze from time to time.

I have no way to measure my distance.  Unlike the Six Million Dollar Man, I "Don't Have the Technology".  LOL  Maybe someday I'll get a GPS or smart phone with a GPS app, but for now my simple flip phone works for me.  A good guess is 0.6 miles for the trail, end to end.

After the snowshoe hike, I came back home and hung out "in" the snow bank for a minute.  LOL

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