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We seven men had a great time at the Arnold on Sunday 1/8/17!  We stepped off from the Admin building at 1:15 into pristine, gorgeous winter wonderland.  Dry light snow conditions - fresh at about 1' deep.  It was only 20 degrees but there was no wind and we were all well dressed and shod.  We could jump and roll in the snow and stay dry because it was cold. 

We hiked up the west edge of the arboretum, explored the confer section and learned about the ways of most easily identifying the conifers and telling one from the other.  Courier and Ives beautiful.

As we acended Peter's Hill to the summit (: - )  all of 240') the sun was behind us and we had glorious views to the City skyline with the Fenway area on our left.  We decided to back off the intensity a bit and pick up the pace going back so we walked on the hard-packed snow on the central arboretum service road which snakes through the entire 400+ acres of the park.  Good grip.  No ice.

We all made the 2nd summit ( all of 200') - Bussey Hill - above the lilac section of the arboretum.  It was about two feet deep going up the steeper south slope through some trees so it was the toughest part of the hike.  Then we rolled and slid and played going down the north slope to the lilac path and did a brisk walk back to the Hunnewell building together.

The ladies in the admin liked us so much they had hot chocolate and homemade cookies waiting.  Perfect!

Ed Sterling had made a suggestion we get beer and dinner at Galway House in Jamaica Plain - just  6 blocks from the admin building.  We had beer and great meals for a reasonable price - the service was excellent, too!

All seven of us survived the entire hike with no fatalites or injuries.  It was about 3 1/2 miles in 3 1/2 hours - a blistering pace - but it was great fun and we all enjoyed it.  We all double summited. Two in the bag for '17!

Arndold Expectioon #1 Artica - Photo Library Link - download any or all the pics as you wish.  You can also save this link to your phone or any device for access at any time.  Please send me any photos you would like added to the library.  You can share this link with anyone. 

Thanks to everyone for keeping such a great spirit in spite of the punishing and unreasonable conditions.  We were only safe because we stuck together - abiding to the 1st rule of Mike's Hikes.  : - )

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