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The primary reason for this trip was to go to Red River Falls, but I also wanted to do some leaf peeping.  The fall foliage is high right now and I wanted to get out to see the fall colors in case I don't have an opportunity to go out again.

Red River Falls is a series of short drops over a distance of about 1/2 mile.  I've been to the falls before when the water was higher, but it was still nice on this trip.

It does not appear that many people visit these falls, even though a road runs parallel to the stream.  There is at least one spot along the road where you can see the stream.  But there are no established trails, and I didn't even see any random trails leading to the falls. 

I spent 1 hour 50 min. exploring the falls, way more than I thought I would.  I took plenty of pictures, and the footing is also tricky/slippery in spots.  When I got to the last waterfall I simply walked through the woods for a few feet and followed the road back to my parking spot.  I walked about 1 mile total.

I explored some roads before and after visiting the falls, and took some pictures of the fall foliage.  I wanted to spend more time leaf peeping along the roads, but because I spent so much time at the waterfalls, I was running out of daylight. 

I drove 135 miles on this trip, with 62 miles of that on woods roads. 

It is hunting season, but road traffic was light.  I had the waterfalls all to myself.

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