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Scopan Mt trail, Cedar Falls & Long Lake


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Two trips, one post. 

Fri. Sept. 10.  Scopan Mtn loop trail

We got a shitload of rain on Thursday and Thursday night.  There is a small runoff brook that goes down off Scopan Mtn that has some little waterfalls on it.  The only time there is any amount of water in the brook is during the spring snowmelt or after heavy rain.  I figured this was a good time to go and see how much water was coming down over the little waterfalls.  I was not disappointed with what I found.  :)  I could've just hiked to the little waterfalls but I figured since I was there, I might as well do the whole loop.

The loop is around 3.5 miles long with a total elevation gain of around 850 feet.  The high point on the trail is at around 1,450 feet.  It had rained earlier in the day, so things were rather moist.  LOL.  It took me 2 hours 15 min. to complete the hike, and I had the trail all to myself.


Sat. Sept. 11. Cedar Falls and Van Buren Cove at Long Lake.

This was mainly a road trip, with a very short walk to Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls is also on a small runoff brook out in the woods, and normally only has any amount of water during the spring snowmelt or after heavy rain.

Unlike the falls at Scopan Mtn the day before, I was disappointed with this waterfall.  Not much water at all. :(  This waterfall is somewhat out of the way and was surprised to meet a group just as I was getting ready to leave. 

After visiting the waterfall I continued on to Van Buren Cove at Long Lake.  I think beach weather is over for this area, but I still stepped in the water.  :)  LOL  A few people around, but nobody but me in the water.  Well, unless you count the people in the side x side that drove in the water.  LOL

My total road miles for this trip were 115 miles, with 42 miles on woods roads. 

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