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Wow!  It was an incredible, fun and action-packed adventure on the spectacular Downeast Maine Coast and later on stunning Monhegan Island - all with a great bunch of guys (Ed. Carlos D., Carlos A., Rick, Frank, Greg and Richardo)!  The trip started with a bang with a pizza party and schmoozing at Ed's charming place in Machiasport, Heron Vierw Cottage right on the edge of Machias Bay.  The next day we had absolutely stellar weather - perfect for viewing the picturesque West Qouddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, followed by a glorious hike in the adjacent state park.  Hiking along the cliffs in the spruce forest was fun and exhilarating, and the views just kept getting better while we gazed out to the looming and magnificent Grand Manan Island on the horizon.  The next day was a foggy one, typical for the northern Maine Coast, but we managed to fit in two shorter hikes, one in stunning Boot Head Preserve, the other on the equally beautiful East Nubble.  And though the ocean waters were bone-chilling in their coldness, Ricardo and Greg took the plunge in a calm, crystal clear pool along the rocky shoreline.  And, believe it or not, they thought it was fun!  Another day was spent hiking on wonderful Western Head where once again the views were jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  And though the day ended on a rainy note, that didn't stop us from firing up the grill and cooking up some delicous marinated chicken - skillfully grilled by Frank assisted by Greg - and under umbrellas!

After four amazing days together, four of us split off and headed down the coast to picturesque Port Clyde, where we took the ferry over to breathtaking Monhegan Island, 12 miles off the coast.  The ferry ride was a real treat, with the Captain taking us on a cool detour bewteen the two small islands where the Wyeth Family of renownd artists has summered for decades.  Monhegan Island is a real trasure - much of it has been preserved and there are miles and miles of great hiking trails to explore. Its eastern coast is simply jawdroppingly spectacular, with its high, jagged cliffs lined with spruce forests, overlooking the open ocean and the Gulf of Maine.  We managed to hike the circumference of the island over a couple days, always with continual astonishing views. Hint - if you ever get a chance, get yourself over to Monhegan for a full day or two - you will not be disappointed!   

The wonderful, whirlwind trip was rounded off by a couple days in Rockland on the mainland, where we took the specatuclar ferry over to Vinalhaven Island, then celebrated Ed's birthday with a really fun night on the town.  

Please - if you ever want to have an amazing and memorable trip in New England, hit the Maine Coast, and in particular the wild, untrammeled and astounding Bold Coast between Cutler and Lubec - you won't ever regret it! :-)  

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