Stinson Mountain Trail

Full Day Hike

DATE: Apr 11, 2021
END DATE: Apr 11, 2021

Hike/Event Location: Rumney/Stinson Lake NH

Trip Leader(s)

Plymouth, NH United States

Meeting Time: 9:00 AM

Max # People: 12

Hike Guiding / Event Fee: No, I will not be asking participants for money

Hike Difficulty Level:


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Stinson Mountain – elevation of 2900ft, 1.8 miles to summit. (elevation gain of 1400ft)

This is a fairly simple trail and a great spring starter. The start of the hike is farmland that has grown in with healthy forest and several stonewalls. The grade will increase with in the first mile. The trail is shared at some points with a snowmobile network (now closed). Caution will be needed to make sure the correct trail is followed; crossing may not be clearly marked. There are no stream crossings but anticipate some muddy/wet areas. The trail is on the north facing side of the mountain so possible snow or ice may remain in the area of the summit, especially where it has been machine packed. The summit area is fairly open and has excellent views to the south. There are fairly consistent online trail descriptions available.

Preparation/what to bring: White Mountains can have unpredictable and extreme weather changes year-round and April is definitely a month to be cautious of. It is recommended that hikers have dry clothing and wind protection as there may be wind at the summit. Always have water (no guarantee places to refill) and food. If you need suggestions on what to bring, PLEASE ASK!! It is also highly recommended the bring a BLISTER KIT (DIY kits online). If this is the first hike of the season or brand-new footwear, foot first aid most likely will be necessary. For this trip it is important to bring along flexibility, patience, and a sense of humor.

Covid – Please bring a mask for the use when in close proximity to others. Respect people’s space, there are a variety of mask styles to match the variety of covid options. Let’s be safe and respect others. We are not the only people on the trail.

Group Size (not to exceed 12): It is not fun leaving folks out of trips. If you cannot attend, PLEASE cancel so others may join. If you are on the waiting list, please contact me days prior to the trip, most likely there is room and if needed this trail will allow us to break the group into two smaller groups. Dogs are welcome on this hike. Leash (close at hand) is highly recommended (also required in WMNF). We will cross some private property and will be close to residential homes. Decreasing the impact to the environment is always a priority! Please plan to “carry in and carry out” all items. It is also possible to collect other hikers’ debris along the way.

Weather: At times in the season rain may not be a concern. Being mid-April however this trip will be cancelled if any precipitation is forecasted. The intent is to post any update/cancellation information by the Friday prior (4/9) by 6pm. The cancellation will include a rescheduled date so participants can watch for that opportunity.

After trip social: There is no formal after trip social planned for this trip (by the leader).

Safety is a priority! Any time a hiker is injured or lost a HUGE team of volunteers is dispatched to aid in the search and rescue efforts. No one wants to be injured or put other in harms way. Always be prepared. Know your limits. Any questions feel free to contact me.

Directions To Trailhead Parking Lot

Where to meet:  Getting to Rumney NH is fairly simple, the trail head however not so easy to navigate. To make this easy for EVERYONE we will meet at the Rumney town common at 9am. The is a great café (The Common Café and Tavern). Coffee, pastries, and light breakfast is available. It is a meeting place for the many rock climbers (need I say more) who are in the area as well. I drive a large Toyota Tundra and will be at the town common by 8:30.

There are no gas stations in Rumney, so fill up on fuel it recommended in Plymouth. About a mile into route 25 is a Mobile, Irving and Dunkin go nuts.

From the north, south, and east – Find Interstate 93! Exit 26 which is also route 25 (west). Travel 7.3 miles, turning right on to “Main Street” aka Stinson Lake Road. Go about a mile to the town common at the intersection of Main, Buffalo Rd and Quincy Road. Up to this point cell service should work.  

From western areas (VT) take route 25 east. The intersection for Main and 25 is approximately 6.5 miles from Route 118.

We will all gather at 9am with intent to drive to the trail head by 9:20. Carpool from this point is possible. The road to the trail head is passable with any vehicle. It is 5.2 miles to the trail head. If you wish to meet the group at the trail head or maybe running late contact me for directions to the trail from the common.

I am sure there is WAY better directions available on line if these are confusing.

Reminder – cell service from the common up to the trail is weak if at all.


Trip Leader


Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Plymouth, NH

United States
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Nashua, NH

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Barre, VT

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