GO Gathering in Virginia


DATE: Aug 13, 2010
END DATE: Aug 15, 2010

Hike/Event Location: Front Royal VA

Trip Leader(s)

Annandale, VA United States

Meeting Time: 9:00 AM

Max # People: 100

Hike Guiding / Event Fee: Yes, but only to cover shared expenses, and I too am paying

Hike Difficulty Level:


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GayOutdoors has teamed up with OutCamping's Fab Festival for our annual GO Gathering. We will be camping for the weekend riverside along the Shenandoah River on a private farm, located 10 miles south of Front Royal, VA.

This is our group BIG camping get-together and a great chance for you to meet new guys (or get reacquainted with old ones), try new activities and chat with all the guys you have got to know through GayOutdoors. This event typically gets about 100 guys!

This is NOT a luxurious type campground and RV's cannot be accomodated. NO SHOWERS are available! For Friday you will need to bring your own food and stove to cook on. This year, free beer for the weekend will not be provided due to cost-prohibitive alcohol permits that is now required by the town. Therefore it's BYOB all weekend. All meals are provided on Saturday including a continental breakfast with coffee, a BBQ lunch cookout, and full course dinner. There will be dancing both Friday and Saturday nights under disco lights with music mixed by DJ's from Baltimore and Washington. Free firewood is provided to each campsite for nightly fires. There will be a fireworks display on Saturday night.  

The farm has 11 campsites spaced evenly along the shoreline of the Shenandoah River. What makes this place so special is the warm Shenandoah River and the scenic views from the valley floor of the Massanutten Mountains and Skyline Drive. The farm is also home of the infamous Ledge. The Ledge is a mini-waterfall that offers Jacuzzi style soaking with natural seats built right into the riverbed. This is NOT a clothing-optional event. 

It's a great chance for outdoorzy guys to meet up and chat about their outdoor experiences.

There will be activities at all levels including on-site activities, sunbathing/swimming in the Shenandoah River, fishing, tubing (bring a tube or floating device), hikes, paddling (there are canoe companies that can set you up and take you to the river and back), mountain biking, and much more!

In the evenings we will be dancing at the main campsite and each campsite can have their own campfires if they wish. And did we mention there will be fireworks on Saturday night?

Dogs are welcomed as long as they don't bark with other dogs around (most dogs do). 

For more information, visit the OutCamping website

Click Here to register.  The cost for the weekend per person is $95.00 


If you haven't looked at last year's pictures, you really should. 


Directions To Trailhead Parking Lot

1. Take I-66 West towards Front Royal and Winchester.

2. Take the VA-79 exit- exit number 13- toward VA-55/ LINDEN/ FRONT ROYAL.

3. Turn LEFT onto VA-79 APPLE MOUNTAIN RD at the stop sign. 

4. Turn RIGHT onto VA-55/ JOHN MARSHALL HWY at the light. Continue to follow VA55 E until it ends at a light, approximately 5 miles. 

5. Turn LEFT onto US-340/ S ROYAL AVE. Continue to follow US-340 S about 9.5 miles.

6. Turn RIGHT onto VA-629/ ACORN HILL RD. 

NOTE: You will see a white church on your right about 100 yards before turning. 

7. Turn RIGHT onto VA-628/ ROCKY HOLLOW RD for about 3/10 of a mile, if that.

8. Turn LEFT onto VA-629/ ACORN HILL RD.  Yep, Acorn Hill again.

9. Follow Acorn Hill Rd. all the way to the end.
This will take you all the way to the river. If you're traveling at night, you won't
see it until you're right on it. Go slow or you might end up in the river. 

10. Turn left. Continue driving on gravel road. It will turn to your left. When it veers off to the right there might be a chain up, it should be unlocked. Just get out of your car and take it down and leave it down.
There's a sign for Massanutten Canoe Co., and a sign that says Private Property - Do Not Enter. ENTER ANYWAY. 

NOTE: LANDMARK - You will see an old house on the right with trailers of
canoe's in the back yard. (You might not see this at night.) 

Follow the road into the deep woods. 


If you come up on a gate made of metal, open it if it is closed. You can leave it open.
You will come to a large field on your right. Keep going on the dirt rd.
NOTE: You might see some cows. No tipping please.

The main road will turn to the right, stay with it. Look for a sign that say's CAMPING.
You will pass over a cattle guard at about the same time there will be a small cabin on your right, drive on. You're almost there. 



The road runs down towards the river and will head off to your left just over a small river bed, might actually have water in it if it’s been raining. 



You will no longer be on the road but heading through the field towards the trees. When you get to the trees, turn left. I believe the first site you will come to is site #7. Look for a white sign with the #9 on a tree. Our campsites begin here from #9 to #11. Park in the field and bring your gear down to the site or drive on down and unload. 

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Outdoor Fitness Level: Easy

Annandale, VA

United States
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Chesterfield, VA

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