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Fire Island

New York, NY
United States
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All of gay Manhattan takes a ferry to Fire Island on summer weekends. The expansive beach and car-free boardwalks are the essence of a peaceful retreat. The population is in fact diverse; aside from Cherry Grove and the Pines, it's predominantly straight. Cherry Grove has the most to offer in the way of bars, restaurants, hotel accomodation and overall outrageous camp sensibility; you'll also find lots of women here. The Pines - having a more understated, albeit intensely gorgeous culture - is a place of elegance and taste where roller coaster sidewalks of raised wooden planks meander through dense foliage past hidden homes in a community seemingly populated with Armani models...and those who can afford them. In practice, there is little nudity on the beaches near Cherry Grove and the Pines so everyone goes to the stretch of beach between Cherry Grove and the Pines. You'll find the most nude guys here at this beach and the nearby coastal forest is where 'anything goes.' That's because Cherry Grove and the Pines have been left to the gay community to self-govern who don't really care what happens in the undeveloped areas. Getting to Fire Island is half the fun. Cherry Grove and the Pines are reached by Sayville Ferry ($11 r/t). Driving there, you'll do better avoiding the Long Island Expressway (LIE) and taking the Northern State to the Meadowbrook Parkway to the Southern State, to the Sunrise Highway (Rt. 27) towards Montauk. Turn right on Lakeland Ave. and follow the signs to the ferry. Note that parking is cheaper at Land's End Marina (100 yards beyond the ferry dock and $6/day) than it is at the lot across from the ferry ($8/day), and is free at the train station.

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