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Chautauqua Creek

Westfield, NY
United States
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Chautauqua Gorge is a very scenic site with a clothing-optional area located near Westfield in the westernmost part of New York. It's rarely crowded. From the New York State Thruway (I-90) in far western NY, take the Westfield exit (Exit 60). Follow RT 394 a short distance south to the center of Westfield. (see also, "another way", below) Turn right onto RT 20. After crossing a bridge, turn left at the first street, Chestnut Street (county road 21). Follow C.R. 21 south for about 3.3 miles and then turn left onto Ogden Road. Follow Ogden road 1.5 miles and then turn left onto Taylor Road (a gravel road). Follow Taylor Road a short distance to the dead end sign where there is a small parking area on the left. A very rough road continues down into a deep valley. Follow this until you reach the creek, then turn left (downstream). Soon you will see a sign painted on a rock saying "nudist area next one mile". From there, if you follow the creek, you will pass several small waterfalls until you get to Skinny Dip Falls. An easier way to get into the gorge (but which is futher south, i.e., upstream, of the way above and, while it takes you to the gorge and swimming holes, these are not the popular places mentioned above): Stay on RT 394 through Westfield. When you get to Mayville, turn west (right) on RT 430. Go a short distance then turn west (right) on Hannum Rd.. Continue to where there is a sign for the gorge and a picnic area. You can walk about .5 miles into the gorge at this point. Not sure about swimming holes here but it is a beautiful part of the gorge. Note: An unconfirmed source said that the Gorge and Creek is private property. Trepassing is a crime and that there posted signs along the Gorge and Creek.

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