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  • Scott
  • Age: 63
  • Location: Manchester, NH, United States
  • Date Joined: February 04, 2008
  • Last Login: July 17, 2023
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Looking For : Friends
  • Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous
  • Activities:
    • Beach Outings
    • Biking - Mountain
    • Cross-Country Skiing
    • Hiking
    • Kayaking-Calm Water
    • Kayaking-Sea
    • Off Roading/4x4

    • About me: : Open minded, active, fit (5'10",155lbs)I am stable and attentive, serious and spontaneous. I like to cook and eat, equally happy with good wine and good beer. I like antique cars and 4x4s.
    • Favorite Places: : I like the beach and the desert. My favorite area is northern AZ. up near the grand canyon and down to Sedona and Cottonwood. Also my loft...
    • Outdoor Experience: : I like pushing my limits and trying new things. Sharing anything is better than the ultimate experience alone.