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  • Larry
  • Age: 71
  • Location: Windsor, CT, United States
  • Date Joined: September 08, 2016
  • Last Login: July 16, 2017
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Looking For : Friends
  • Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate
  • Activities:
    • Adventure Vacations
    • Beach Outings
    • Camping-Tent/Car
    • Canoeing
    • Hiking
    • Kayaking-Calm Water
    • Soaking - River/Brook
    • Walking - Leisurely

    • About me: : I'm 5'7"/153, blonde/blue, Italian American. Love being in nature, whether it be walking, hiking, kayaking or just soaking in a brook or river. Just tried Paddle boarding and loved it, and thinking about getting back to downhill skiing and snowshoeing for winter activities. I also enjoy live theater, ballet and concerts. Try to eat a healthy diet and maintain an exercise program. My music varies, and try to be versatile, but preferred taste tends to be 50's thru 70's, classical and some Opera (depending on mood) I was brought up Roman Catholic, but tend to be more spiritual than religious, my belief is we are all the same, just go about it differently.
    • Favorite Places: : I love to travel, and of all the countries I've been in, Germany (Bavaria) is my favorite. I've also been to a few National Parks here in the US and would love to do more.
    • Outdoor Experience: :