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  • Kevin Richards
  • Age: 64
  • Location: Mapleton, IA, United States
  • Date Joined: November 02, 2018
  • Last Login: November 14, 2018
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Looking For : Friends
  • Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous
  • Activities:
    • Backpacking
    • Camping-Tent/Car
    • Canoeing
    • Fishing-Fresh Water
    • Hiking
    • Sailing
    • Skiing

    • About me: : I have always been an outdoors-man. Growing up my friends were too far away to see very often, so I would entertain myself in the woods. Finding a nice secluded place in the forest, and then staying quiet... after a while the forest creatures begin to emerge. I am 5'5", 170lbs., very active - walk 4- 8 miles daily, interested in finding a companion either my age or younger who enjoys the outdoors like me. I used to be heavy, and finally found the secret to losing weight and staying thin, and I expect to eventually be lean and toned, which is what I look for in a partner also. I'm more of a country guy than a city guy, have lived in a tipi in Sedona Arizona in the 70's for 2 years, thinking about doing it again... Mostly a minimalist, artist, geek, computer technician, web designer, nature lover! Drop me a line... Let's start a friendship! Hugs, Kevin
    • Favorite Places: : New England Arizona New Mexico China
    • Outdoor Experience: : I'm open for almost anything... Mostly interested in backpacking, walking, hiking, kayaking, camping, and just sharing the beauty of nature with someone special who enjoys it also.