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  • Age: 35
  • Location: Pocatello, ID, United States
  • Date Joined: May 21, 2023
  • Last Login: May 27, 2023
  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • Looking For : Outdoor Buddies
  • Outdoor Fitness Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Activities:
    • Beach Outings
    • Camping-Tent/Car
    • Fishing-Fresh Water
    • Hiking
    • Hunting
    • Motorcycling
    • Off Roading/4x4
    • Sledding
    • Snowmobiling
    • Soaking - River/Brook
    • Social Gathering
    • Walking - Leisurely

    • About me: : Im very open and honest, extremely curious, will speak my mind, don't get offended easy and I basically have no filter. I was raised on a ranch and in the mountains. I love exploring, fishing, camping, hunting, being in the mountains, and love stripping my clothes off and soaking in the hot springs. I will answer any and all questions, no matter what level of SFW or NSFW it is. Actually I ask that you ask me questions, theres no better way to get to know each other. No subject is off limits.
    • Favorite Places: : The mountains of Custer County Idaho. In my birthday suit soaking in a hot spring. And my couch duh...during the winter that's true, summer it's 50/50.
    • Outdoor Experience: : My outdoor experience huh...well I was raised in the mountains and have explores every road or trail around my home town.