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Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Bethinham, NH

As a University of Massachusetts Amherst outing club.  I have access to a cool cabin in Bethlehem New Hampshire.  Bethlehem is near countless great hikes in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. The cabin has a gas stove for cooking and gas lights.  The cabin can hold around twenty five people and there are a few tent spots. The cabin does not have full pluming.  There is a sink that has a limited well source.  The well in general is not for drinking it is mainly for washing dishes.  So we will have to bring are own water.  For bathrooms there are two out houses.  There is also a sauna that can be fried up if there is interest.  There is a fire pit outside we could get going either or both nights. As for meals I figured since people will be coming in at different times Friday night. People could do there own thing and use the stove in the cabin if they would like.  Saturday night I wanted to do a big meal together with every body.  For Saturday morning breakfast will we will just do a basic breakfast, so people can get going on there hikes.  Sunday morning we will do a fancier breakfast. There is no refrigerator at the cabin so what never food needs to stay cold.  You will have to bring a cooler for it to stay cold.  As for the total cost per person that is going to depend on how many people attend and the cost of food for the group meals.  The cost to rent the cabin for the whole weekend is $175.00.  The total cost of the the cabin rental and the cost of the food for group meals will be divided by the number of people attending.  So while I can't give an exact amount it will not be much. While the cabin can hold up to twenty five people and a few tent spots. The parking lot can not hold nearly as many cars and there is no parking along the road.  So if we get near the limit of people for the trip.  Carpooling will be very helpful and of course good for the environment. 

So that the cabin details. As for the date of December 2-4. The only other times it was available for the rest of the year is Halloween weekend and Thanksgiving. So would you guys being interested in going up that weekend or would you rather wait until after the new year when we are fully in winter. i realize in the beginning of December it could till be fall or winter weather. Also even if we do the first weekend in December we can also do a weekend after the new year. I will find out availability of the cabin and post that.

nakedswimmer Oct 5, 2016 at 7:04 AM

The cabin weekend intrigues me. However, I'm a 'warmer weather' guy. I try to avoid climbing on ice and snow. For me, the earlier in the fall or the later in the spring, the better. Nakedswimmer

BryRay Oct 5, 2016 at 7:26 AM

Both my husbad and I are interested but cannot give a yes untill a date is nailed down. The weekend of dec 2-4 is perfect for us

kmx2251 Oct 5, 2016 at 8:47 AM

I love the idea. Dec 2 works perfect for me.

raab900 Oct 11, 2016 at 10:05 PM

Sounds like fun! Don't mind of there's snow or not, still can enjoy the north country!

HikerSinger Oct 25, 2016 at 11:29 PM

I unfortunately can't make this weekend, but this would be up my alley, as I'm a four-season hiker and would appreciate a warm place to stay sometimes, over a frigid Mahoosuc-style, higher-altitude shelter!

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