The opportunity for each of us to be everyday stewards and make tangible changes where we live, work and play brings a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. 

Along with the journey of reducing GayOutdoors' impact on the planet, while supporting a healthy and growing club, one of our activites that inspires us the most is teaming up with GO members who are caring for our shared environment across the country.

For example, each spring we have GO members volunteer to perform trail maintenance on our adopted trail, Mt. Osceola Trail, in the White Mountain National Forest near Waterville Valley, NH. We have been maintaining trails for many years now thanks to the work by our members to preserve and protect our outdoor spaces. 

How do we protect the privilege to hike outside? Trail Maintenance! While we partly do this to be a good citizen, we do it mostly because it's fun. We've been digging in the dirt since we were kids; now we get to do it with much cooler tools. 

Trail maintenance is really good therapy! Work presents complicated and stressful problems. Out on the trail problems are physical and can be solved by simply cutting brush and cleaning a water bar. At the end of the day, you'll get to see and admire the work you've accomplished. 

Our favorite reason for doing trail maintenance is the men! Trail maintenance attracts the best. These are not just "outdoorzy men", but men who love their land so much that they take ownership of it. This trait is always accompanied by a good sense of humor.

So get out there and discover the satisfaction of clipping back vegetation so that hikers can pass thru. You'll make friends with interesting men and gain a unique appreciation for the work required to maintain our trail systems.

Thanks to the continued support of our Full Members, we able to provide GO members who volunteer for our annual trail maitenance free lodging all weekend and meals!   

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