Welcome To The New GayOutdoors!

Back in 2014, GO sent out a survey seeking comments, reflections and feedback from our members on one of our signature ongoing benefits ~ the website.

While that survey focused mostly on the content and delivery of the website, rather than its aesthetics, the process of putting those questions together and parsing the results got us thinking that it really had been awhile since our flagship website had last received a makeover. Fast forward several months and more than a few rounds of iterations, and you now hold in your hands and see on your screen the fruits of those initial thoughts ~ the newly redesigned [and mildly rechristened] GO website!

So what's changed? The new website will deliver member profiles, trips/events calendar, and trip reports/photos in a modern, responsive interface that looks great and works great on all devices. We're rebuilding our entire website for a better, faster, and more reliable flow of data to your screen! Among the other changes on the front page is the striking new club news format and we can feature a couple of trips/events. 

Among the other major changes is the green navigation bar which now has a drop down menu to make it easier to find the pages you are looking for, an overall youthful appearance with pictures of gay men together, pages are now easier to read by allowing readers to open the sections they want to read, and each page has a footer explaining our club with a means to easily subscribe to our newsletter and to become a member.

Inside we have larger input boxes to enter information, and you'll also find a nicely redesigned Events Calendar with all of our upcoming trips and events. We've also cleaned up the format of our Articles and changed the name to Learn with quick links to our most popular content. We will be working on this section in 2016 as well as our Links to have content that is more gay oriented and specific to our members.

Elsewhere throughout the website, you'll hopefully notice a small number of small changes and design florishes - such as larger pictures including those for member profiles, a more modern and larger font type, buttons to click on that stand out ~ that we think add up to an easier and more pleasant experience. [In order to make the pictures larger, they might appear blurry which is something we plan to correct over time.]

In the end, the goal was not necessarily to reinvent the wheel, but rather to simply change what had become a fairly worn of tires. Of course, we're still committed to bringing you the same easiness to post and sign up for events you've come to expect, and we hope that by packaging it in this attractive new format, you'll get even more out of the experience.

The technological improvements we're making today will not only faciliate a better website, they also enable us to advance participation in outdoor adventures by gay and gay friendly men. It's an investment in our future as a gay outdoor recreation institution.

In other words, we hope you like the new website. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the redesign or anything else about your website. Be sure to let us know by contacting us.

Thanks for being a valued member of GayOutdoors. If you like what we are doing and the direction we are going, please consider supporting us financially and become a Full Member.

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